Your Career is Your Business

An Entrepreneurial Approach For Professional Success

Recent economic conditions have served to remind us that job “security” has become an illusion, and that we must now find that security within ourselves. Seeing your career as your own “business”, you begin to realize that you are your own product - your own brand, employers are your clients, and building mutual relationships throughout life can lead you closer to the employers who most want what you have to offer. With some simple shifts in perspective and the right tools, you can show up more fully and authentically to take charge of your professional life.

Come prepared to participate and learn tools and resources to:

  • See the management of your career with an entrepreneur’s eye
  • Develop and share your authentic Personal Brand and Thought Leadership
  • Reflect your Personal Brand in your career “marketing collateral” and online identity
  • Build and nurture relationships wherever you go
  • Rebalance your portfolio of activities to succeed at the next level

This workshop may be for you if you’re:

  • Struggling to be noticed or appreciated for your accomplishments
  • Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the career management process
  • Unsure and insecure about promoting yourself
  • Dreading yet another networking “event”
  • Hiding your most valuable traits and talents