“Never hesitate to be original.
It’s only then that those
who’ve been looking for you
will be able to find you.”

Elizabeth Lilley


Career Coaching for Depth and Accountability


An inspired approach to help you design and manage your career as authentic self-expression. Identify how and where you can add value while honoring your own unique needs and values. Be prepared explore deeply who you are and who you're becoming. 

Spring Clean Your Career!
30 Days to Freshen Your Profession


Dust off the cobwebs of your career with a custom strategy that can be implemented for fast results in 30 days or less. Two virtual meetings - one to develop your strategy and accountability plan and the second to celebrate what you've accomplished! 

Resume, Personal Brand, Thought Leadership, and other Career Services


Coaching, writing, and / or editing services to develop your career marketing materials reflecting your voice and authentic personal brand. Services can include resume, executive / project addendum,cover letter, marketing plan, and LinkedIn profile as needed