Your Leadership Portfolio

Rebalance and Refocus for Executive Success


The transition from Manager to Executive is not always a natural process, and in a time of economic uncertainty, with shifting financial portfolios and organizations doing more with less, this transition can be even more challenging. An Executive level  title rarely conveys just one job. In reality, you are expected at once to be business leader, industry expert, thought leader, community leader, mentor, manager, rainmaker, speaker, and board member. At the same time, you have family, friends and personal interests that require your energy and attention. So, how do you find the right balance that allows you to achieve success for yourself and also your organization?

In this interactive presentation, you will:

  • Re-imagine your career as a portfolio of professional assets – your roles, talents and priorities
  • Assess whether the balance of your current leadership portfolio  is serving you both professionally and personally as a business executive with your own personal brand
  • Learn to apply a new definition of “Income” to your professional choices
  • Gain clarity in how and why to leave your old brand identity behind in order to step more fully into an authentic personal brand that can bring you executive success
  • Learn an approach that you in turn can apply in the mentoring of your high-potential employees