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I find Elizabeth to be a powerful coach, tuning in to those she is coaching with a laser focus, and asking such powerful questions as to cut through to the heart of the matter.
There should be one of you in every college.”

Coaching is a working partnership customized to your particular situation. Clients are most often seeking to further their professional development – career transition, leadership development, professional strategy, situational objectives, in-depth topical conversation.

Career and life are closely intertwined, so I work with you as a whole person within the context of your full and busy life. You decide where the boundaries are. Together we define the scope of our work – your focus, the desired results, the process, and my role. I contribute my experience and training in a conversational format.

I have many tools and models to draw on which I will bring to our work selectively as it makes sense for the work you’re doing. I’ll listen to you, sometimes laugh with you, and ask you questions which encourage you to explore your perspectives more fully and thoughtfully. You’ll begin to see your situations in new ways that also allow you to see possibilities you hadn't noticed before. During and between our meetings, you’ll have follow-up actions that forward your momentum, free up your energy, and accelerate your future.