The Cycle of Renewal and the Planning for Change Workshop

Half day workshop for groups of 12 to 30 participants (In-person only)

Reaching your preferred future was once as simple as having a vision and implementing a strategy. In our world of constant surprises, lives and careers must be realigned—and sometimes redesigned—again and again as we move through life.

The “Planning For Change” workshop is a half-day program applying the Hudson Institute Cycle of Renewal that provides a process and tools to help participants understand and work effectively with the powerful patterns of change. Participants are challenged to examine their beliefs about stability and change management, and learn to see and use change as a resource to renew life purpose, balance, and joy. By identifying and appreciating their current position in the change cycle, powerful plans emerge that support individual, team, and organizational goals.

This workshop is ideal for individuals and teams wanting to maintain or increase performance as they experience the effects of continuous, disruptive change in the workplace, in the community, and in life. In addition to enhancing communication and reducing conflict, “Planning For Change” will benefit individuals facing:

  • Major transitions in personal or professional areas of life
  • Overwhelming work and family responsibilities
  • Diminishing energy and passion for work and/or life
  • Nagging questions about the pursuit of one’s passions and life purpose
  • An emerging desire to experience life more fully and to live differently